Acupuncture is a traditional medicine system rooted in 5000 years of history. From aches and pains to complex internal conditions, Acupuncture can naturally and holistically address your health concerns. 


Acupuncture is one of the most effective non-pharmaceutical health solutions. It is extremely beneficial for conditions such as nausea, digestive problems, and most pain related conditions. 


Many clinical research trials have proven Acupuncture to stimulate better blood flow, to positively affect certain neurotransmitter and hormone levels, and even to generate endorphin secretion within the body. The exact science of how acupuncture works is still not well understood. But with thousands of years of empirical evidence and clinical history, Acupuncture has stood the test of time as a safe and effective alternative healthcare solution.



Cupping is an ancient tradition involving the placement of suction cups on the body. Cupping can be used for muscle pain, detoxification, and promoting circulation. It can even be helpful for fighting the cold and flu. Traditional cupping uses fire to create suction onto the skin. Modern cupping often uses air pumps to create the same effect. Cupping has grown popular in recent years especially among the athletic community for its strong pain alleviating, performance improving effects. 


Even modern pharmaceuticals derive many active components from natural herbs. Chinese herbs are often the roots, leaves, flowers, or fruits of plants, but can also be certain animal or mineral components. The tradition of herbal medicine is universal, but Chinese herbal medicine is unique in its combination of many natural ingredients into herbal formulas, effective for anything from headaches to digestive problems, stress, hormone issues, and much more. Herbal medicine is natural but powerful, so always consult your practitioner to avoid potential drug interactions and improper usage. 

...acupuncture treatments for severe muscle spasms in my neck due to some degenerative disk problems have been a godsend!

-Karole F

I just had my third treatment yesterday, and I am able to sit, for the first time in 2 weeks

-Tara C

After my first treatment for migraines with Julia a miracle happened!  First time in 28 years that I did not get a migraine...

-Pamela P

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