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"Dr. Mike is Great! I came in with a 10/10 tension  headache that I went to the ED twice for. He listened intently and with a combination of acupuncture and cupping along with the heat and pleasant setting, was able to help me quiet my mind enough to ease the tension through my head neck and back and help my headache significantly."

-Doug S

"I've been coming to Julia since I've had my baby. Not only did she help me get pregnant, she helped me lose my baby weight! 20 pounds in 4 months! The little ear needles were scary and somewhat uncomfortable at first, but now I love them! The office is very professional, very medical, and my treatments are so relaxing! You'd never think that having needles stuck in you would be relaxing, but that's what they are. I close my eyes and never want to leave."

-Caroline W

"I have been having terrible migraines that three neurologists, two brain scans, and countless prescriptions and remedies couldn't fix. I have to say that after just one session of acupuncture with Julia, I have been headache free for the past two weeks! After almost daily headaches for the past 3 years, this new found relief is wonderful. I am now a believer, and will be seeking more treatments in the future."

-Deborah C

"Absolutely love this place! My husband and In laws have been coming for years and recommend this place after my mom had a stroke. I brought my mom the week she came home from this hospital with no movement at all. Julia asked her to move her affected leg and couldn't. She placed the needles, and then asked her to move her leg and SHE DID! I truly believe acupuncture has been a huge part in my mother's recovery. Julia is so knowledgeable about EVERYTHING! If my mom comes in with a headache or nausea, she ends up leaving here feeling 10X better. I definitely recommend this place."

-Karla S

"Julia Wu was a great!  She completely explained how she was going to treat my knee that was in extreme pain. It was my first time doing acupuncture so I was not sure it would help. Well after about an hour of therapy my knee felt better. I followed her recommendations for treatment after the appointment and within 2 days I was as good as new.
The office is very nice and a very professional setting.

-Allan A

"This Is the best place I went to . Dr.Rhee is the best chiropractor he's helped me get better . Briana and Alyssa are the best receptionist."

-Emelbra L

"Simple health is wonderful.
You are greeted with a smile as soon as you walk through the door to check in. Their professional and well-trained staff provide Wellness options that aren't available at other places. Dr Julia and Dr Rhee really care about my physical well-being, as I have been able to reduce the amount of pain medications that I was prescribed. Thank you Simple Health!!!"

-Robbie S

"This past Sunday, I had a horrible neck spasms after weeding my garden...I was very pleased that the office called on Monday and got me in...After leaving, I had more mobility... 24 hours later, I can definitely say I'm 85% better. No more spasms... Just a little sore... I'm sure after my appointment tomorrow I will be 100%."

-Joann S

"My team full of confidence, bright in talent, works hands-on performing acupuncture, chiropractic, and soft tissue repair. The well-educated staff informs patient, treats them and expects them to walk out feeling cured. I came in with many complicated injuries with minimal time to recover. Simple Health had me feeling awesome after each treatment and improved my recovery time!"

-Brad R

"I have struggled with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome for a long, painful time and was overdue for deep tissue massage.

...Spa massages are nice but I really needed a therapist who could not chit chat, just crawl up onto the table and throw an elbow into my tissues with issues- which she did with warmth and focus!

...Also, the facility was clean but welcoming and the staff very efficient and friendly."

-Amanda D

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