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Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis

Our feet are the foundation of our body. Whether you are a runner or stand on your feet all day, you know how important healthy feet are. Many massage clients of mine suffer from a condition called Plantar fasciitis. It’s incredibly painful and they often ask me if Massage can help. There are many benefits to a foot massage along with other treatments and it’s important to know why and where the pain is coming from.

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. The cause of this condition is by straining the ligament that supports the arch. Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligaments. A lot of people get plantar fasciitis confused with bone spurs but they are completely different. In fact, many people with plantar fasciitis have heel spurs but they are not the cause of plantar fasciitis pain.

Risk factors for Plantar fasciitis:

  • Tighter calf muscles that make it difficult to flex your foot and bring the toes up toward the shin

  • Obesity

  • Very high arch

  • Repetitive impact activity(running/sports)

  • New or increased activity

  • Pronation(rolling foot inward)

  • Excessive supination(rolling outwards)

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis:

  • Pain in the bottom of the foot near the heel.

  • Pain with the first steps after getting out of bed in the morning, or long period of rest. The pain resides after a few minutes of walking.

  • Greater pain after(not during) exercise or activity.


Go see a Chiropractor. The benefits of Chiropractic care starts with correcting bad posture. Your posture can determine the way you walk and the impact on your feet can make your plantar fasciitis worsen. A good Chiropractor will not only help alleviate the pain but help you to correct and prevent it from coming back.

Get Acupuncture! Getting acupuncture can help alleviate pain. The needle insertion stimulates blood flow and hormones to the affected area, reducing pain.

Try massage! Massage can help alleviate Plantar fasciitis pain, tho it can be very painful and uncomfortable. The bottom of the foot is very sensitive when inflamed. Deep Tissue on the calf, heel, and arch can be beneficial for the client. Deep tissue massage loosens the muscle tissues, removes toxins, helps the circulation of blood and oxygen. This technique helps because it physically breaks down the adhesions that are formed by muscle tissues caused by exertion or strain. You can try self-massage at home. Using a golf ball to roll out your foot can help break up adhesions. A frozen water bottle is another great way to roll out your foot and the ice can help reduce inflammation.

Other treatments include:


  • Resting or reducing activity that is causing the pain

  • Stretching the calves

  • Night Splints

  • Exercise/lose weight

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