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Telemedicine FAQ

1. What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a session where health information is distributed to patients from a healthcare provider via electronic means such as video conferencing or by phone call.


2. How is telemedicine different from a normal treatment?

Telemedicine allows patients to receive advice from the comfort, safety, and convenience of their homes. 


3. What does the session include?

A telemedicine session from a Simple Health provider may include a brief consultation where the patient provides details of their issue to the provider, and the provider may give advice on how the patient may address their issues from home. This may include advice regarding therapeutic stretching and exercises, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as suggestions for herbal or other health supplements. The provider may also recommend seeking further medical care if they feel the patient’s condition is serious. 


4. What do I need (equipment/software) to participate in a session?

You can access telemedicine sessions with Simple Health via smartphone or a computer. Simple Health will be utilizing Zoom for the telemedicine sessions, allowing either audio or video conferencing. Video conferencing is recommended for an optimal telemedicine session because it allows the provider to gather more information so as to better advise patients.  Your provider will set up your meeting and send you a link to access the meeting via the Zoom app or website. Simply click to join the meeting at the appropriate time.

You can download Zoom by clicking here.

You may need to complete a one-time brief consent form prior to your telemedicine session. 


5. How long will a session take?

Each telemedicine session is 30 minutes 


6. How much will a session cost?

Each telemedicine session is $40. Any herbal or vitamin supplements recommended are separate from this cost. You will need to complete payment for the telemedicine prior to the start of your session.

7. What happens if my internet drops during the session?

Your provider will attempt to reach you again several times if your internet drops out during your session. If the internet does not return in a reasonable amount of time (we allow for a 15-minute buffer zone between telemedicine sessions), your provider may contact you and complete the session via phone instead. Depending on the situation, we may reschedule your session for another time.

8. Can new patients do telemedicine?

Unfortunately, we can only treat existing patients with telemedicine.  However, you can schedule an in-person appointment at Simple Health.

9. Will my insurance cover telemedicine sessions? 


Many insurances will cover telemedicine sessions. However, just as with normal insurance visits, we will not know for sure if insurance will pay until after we have billed your insurance. Simple Health will collect your payment at the time of service. However, if your visit does end up being covered by your insurance, we will reimburse you up to the full amount you paid for your session.

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