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Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Seniors In Many Ways

By 2030 the number of people who are 65 and older will constitute 19% of the US population. This population experiences common geriatric conditions which can be treated and managed with chiropractic care. Unfortunately there are many seniors who are unaware of the many benefits. Chiropractic utilizes a hands on approach working primarily on the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems to help encourage the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. The goal is to help preserve and restore optimal health.

As we age, bones and muscles weaken so it’s important that we continue to take care of ourselves by staying active and healthy so we can live life to the fullest. Many seniors struggle with the same conditions which are often much more complex with multiple musculoskeletal and systemic complaints. Chiropractors can help senior patients by educating them on the proper physical activities, nutritional advice and injury prevention tips they need to age successfully without pain and injury. Below are some of the benefits chiropractic care can provide to seniors.

Pain Relief: Spinal pain is something we all deal with at some point and it’s unfortunately one of the many conditions seniors deal with. Chiropractic care is one of the safest and effective treatments for managing spinal related pain. Misalignment in the spine (subluxations) can lead to abnormalities of the spine and it’s surrounding tissues which often leads to pain. Chiropractors are trained to detect and correct these misalignment’s using spinal manipulation.

Decreased Joint Degeneration: As we age, our joints begin to degenerate due to repetitive movements, improper posture, accidents, injuries in addition to other factors. Chiropractic care can decrease spinal degeneration and arthritic changes by reducing spinal stress placed on joints due to misalignment.  It is important to get your spine aligned periodically to prevent premature wear and tear on your joints.

Increased Range of Motion: Limited range of motion can make activities of daily living difficult to perform and often causes pain. Many seniors become aware of their decreased range of motion while driving and trying to look over their shoulder. Decrease range of motion due to disuse and past injuries is a common complaint that can be treated using chiropractic care. Increasing a person's range of motion can positively affect lives in many ways. Such increases are usually seen after a chiropractic adjustment, Limber (assisted stretching) and home therapeutic exercises.

Increased Balance and Coordination: The eyes and ears are vital to maintaining balance and coordination. It is a natural occurrence that as we age, our sight and hearing  start to decrease and unfortunately our balance and coordination is compromised. Studies have shown that chiropractic care can help restore balance and coordination by stimulating the mechanoreceptors (they are responsible for providing the brain with essential information important for balance and coordination). Impairment of these mechanoreceptors decreases our sense of body awareness  and we compensate in the way we bend, walk and reach. This is one of the reasons why we see an increase in falls in the senior population. Chiropractic adjustments and home exercise programs can help increase balance and coordination and prevent falls.

Increased Well-Being: Chiropractic care can increase your quality of life and well-being by allowing you to continue doing the things that make you happy. Besides pain relief, senior patient's who get regular chiropractic care say that they sleep better, are able to do more and have more energy.

Aging doesn't mean having to live in pain and not be able to do the things you love. Chiropractic care is a safe, effective and provides amazing benefits for many of the conditions seniors face. Make sure you're getting the chiropractic treatment you need in order to preserve your health and well-being.

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